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Ceramic Tiles are commonly used for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Glazed Ceramic tiles provide an excellent water proof flooring for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. For centuries Ceramic tiles were hand made and used to decorate ceilings, walls, buildings and also used in art. Ceramic tiles are machine manufactured today and still used as one of the most common type of floor coverings for kitchens and bathrooms.



How are Ceramic Tiles made?

Ceramic Tiles are formed when mud and clay are fired together forming a hard mass. Since ancient times Ceramic tiles have been used for both decorative and protective purposes. When Ceramic tiles are "glazed" using a powder glass compound which is melted over the Ceramic tile, a protective waterproof surface also resistant to stains is formed making Ceramic tiles ideal for kitchen surfaces and other areas where protection from moisture is needed.



Are Ceramic Tiles easy to clean?

Ceramic Tile Cleaning


This will depend primarily on whether the tile surface is glazed or un-glazed. A glazed surface offers a protective layer which is resistant to moisture and stains while an un-glazed surface is porous. A porous surface is highly susceptible to moisture and stain penetration, requiring more advanced cleaning techniques to restore the original tile appearance.





Tips and advice on how to clean Ceramic Tiles?

Cleaning Ceramic tiles can take more than just a mop and bucket. Results will usually depend on the condition and age of the Ceramic tiles. If Ceramic tiles are relatively new then a few simple cleaning techniques can restore the condition of Ceramic tiles.


Sweep tiles daily - This will prevent dirt and mud to build up between the grout.

Ventilation - Keep bathrooms and kitchens well ventilated to prevent mildew from forming on the Ceramic tile and grout surface.


Mopping - Mop Ceramic Tiles regularly with bleach and water. This will remove mildew and help to whiten the grout which has been discoloured by dirt build-up. Caution - please ensure a well ventilated room if using bleach with hot water do not mix with other chemicals as fumes can be toxic.


Hydrogen Peroxide - A great alternative for those who are allergic to bleach. Simply apply Hydrogen Peroxide to the grout and allow it to sit for several minutes. Brush the grout to remove excess dirt and clean with a damp cloth.


If the above tips don't achieve the results you desire then professional Ceramic tile cleaning equipment and products will need to be used.




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