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Nothing quite comes close to the natural

beauty and elegance that is achieved when Granite tiles are uses as floor or wall coverings. In kitchens it is also very common to find Granite bench-tops which compliment Granite floors. Available in Pure Black, Black Galaxy and Kashmir White. Granite is a hard wearing natural material that is also relatively easy to clean and maintain.





What is Granite and how is Granite formed?

Granite is an igneous rock that forms when high silicate magma intrusions rise through the earth's crust and slowly cool. This forms large bulbous chambers of material called plutons. Once plutons cool they crystallize into granitic rock.



Are Granite Tiles easy to clean?

Granite in comparison to other floor types is by far the easiest to clean. Granite is a very hard wearing surface and does not easily stain with spills such as coffee or tea and is also resistant to grease. Granite also demonstrates great resistance to acid and alkali spills.



Tips and advice on how to clean Granite Tiles?

Simple use of a mop with warm water mixed with a small amount of dishwashing liquid will keep your Granite floors looking great. Avoid using harsh chemicals on Granite floors.


 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Sweep floors regularly  
 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Mop the Granite tile surface with a mop and warm water mixed with a small amount of stone soap or mild dishwashing liquid.  
 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Use coaster or protectors under chairs or tables to prevent scratching of the Granite surface.  
 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Avoid using acid-based cleaning products  
 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Avoid using cream based cleaning products as these can have an abrasive affect and scratch the tile surface.  
 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Avoid using excessive soaps as these can streak the Granite surface.  
 GraniteTile Cleaning Sydney Avoid dragging table or chairs which can cause scratches.  


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