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Over time even the most expensive of floor coverings or tiles can show

signs of heavy traffic. Infact - no matter what type of floor and regardless of cost - its only a matter of time before signs of heavy traffic will begin to show even on new floor installations. Grout Colouring and Sealing involves re-colouring the grout lines with a colorant (available in many different colours)  - bringing the dull grout-lines back to a new look.



This ultimately brings out the best from your tile surface - as attention is drawn to the tiles and not dirty grout lines.

Finally we seal the grout lines ensuring there is a protective surface to maintain the new look against future spills.



Other Causes

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Other factors such as stains from wine

and other spills can penetrate the grout

surface and cause permanent

discolouration - leaving grout lines

inconsistent and unattractive. These

stains can cause even the most precious

tile surfaces to lose their appeal.






Simple Solutions


There may be no need to consider regrouting. Sometimes a simple

solution such as Grout Colouring will restore the original appearance of

grout which may still be in perfect condition - though has suffered the

effects of dirt and build-up in heavy traffic areas.

If you're not sure and you need some advice on whether you should

regrout your tiles - give us a call. We can provide you with a no

obligation demonstration of our Grout Colouring Service by performing

a sample on your tiles.



Sydney Metro Grout Colouring Service


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Grout Colouring and Sealing
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