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What is Limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock which forms at the bottom of the ocean. It consists of calcium carbonate and appears mainly white in purest form unless coloured by other material. The calcite found in Limestone consists mainly of fossilized shell and bone from marine organisms. Build-up of sediments over many years followed by heat and pressure causes chemical reactions which form Limestone.



Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are generally found in older building and unlike granite is quite porous and unless sealed is prone to moisture and stain absorption. Limestone is also prone to scratching and fractures.

Popular Limestone colours are black, white, yellow, gray and brown and generally has a smooth granular appearance.




Are Limestone Tiles easy to clean?

Limestone is porous and unless sealed is prone to moisture and stain absorption. Oil, coffee, tea and other spills will stain Limestone floors unless it is cleaned quickly. To maintain Limestone tiles and keep them looking their best they need to be sealed with a deeply impregnating sealer which maintains the Limestones' natural look.





Tips and advice on how to clean Limestone Tiles?

Cleaning Limestone tiles will require professional services to maintain it's honed appearance. A high-grade deep impregnating sealer is required to seal the Limestone and maintain slip resistance and natural look. Limestone is also susceptible to 'acid etching'. Acid based liquids such as lemon juice, coca cola and other liquids can easily stain and etch Limestone. Oils can penetrate the Limestone and stain unless sealed.


dotDo not use Vinegar, Bleach or Ammonia to clean Limestone

dotDo not use acidic based cleaning agents or solvents.

dot Do not use scouring pads or abrasive brushes / sponges

dotClean spills ASAP and use a microfibre mop to clean floors

dotHave your Limestone floors sealed professionally.



If the above tips don't achieve the results you desire then professional Limestone tile cleaning equipment and products will need to be used.




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