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Derived from the Italian word (Porcellana) - Porcelain offers an attractive solution to floor coverings due to Porcelain's hard and moisture resistant surface. Porcelain is available in natural, glazed and polished finishes. Due to the hard surface of Porcelain, high psi pressure washing allows for excellent results when considering Porcelain tile cleaning.




How are Porcelain Tiles made?

Porcelain Tiles are formed when kaolinite (a mixture of clay and raw materials) is fired in a kiln at temperatures between 1,200 °C (2,192 °F) and 1,400 °C (2,552 °F). The result is a translucent glass-like finished surface.



Are Porcelain Tiles easy to clean?

Cleaning Porcelain tiles will depend on the type of surface the Porcelain tile has. Natural Porcelain which is porous can be highly susceptible to moisture penetration and stains due to their natural and un-sealed finish. Polished Porcelain tiles are usually sealed at the time of manufacturing and offer greater resistance to moisture, dirt and stain penetration. If polished Porcelain tiles are not easily cleaned then professional Porcelain tile cleaning will be required. Glazed Porcelain tiles offer a great solution in kitchen areas due to their hard surface and excellent resistance to moisture and stain penetration.


Tips and advice on how to clean Porcelain Tiles?

Cleaning Porcelain tiles can take more than just a mop and bucket. Results will usually depend on the condition, age and surface type of the Porcelain tiles. If Porcelain tiles are relatively new then a few simple cleaning techniques can restore the condition of Porcelain tiles.

Sweep tiles daily - This will prevent dirt and mud to build up between the grout.

Ventilation - Keep bathrooms and kitchens well ventilated to prevent mildew from forming on the Porcelain tile and grout surface.

Mopping - pH Neutral Cleaner - Never use Bleach or Vinegar as this can etch the Porcelain tile surface. Always use a pH Neutral Cleaner when mopping for best results and to avoid damaging the Porcelain tile surface.



If the above tips don't achieve the results you desire then professional Porcelain tile cleaning equipment and products will need to be used.


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