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High Pressure Cleaning

Oil leaks from vehicles onto concrete surfaces and quickly penetrate and leave stains on the concrete surface. This not only creates an unattractive appearance but when wet creates a slippery and dangerous surface. Other build-up over time such as moss on pathways and around walkways can be equally dangerous if not removed.




Sydney Metro High Pressure Tile CleaningOil - Grease - Moss - Dirt - Graffiti - Cleaning and Removal

Our 3 Step high pressure cleaning process uses a professional system to ensure that the best result is achieved when cleaning the surface.

Application - Biodegradable Eco-friendly solution is applied to separate oils, grease, mildew and moss from the surface.


Scrubbing - Areas are scrubbed to further assist penetration of the solution.

High Pressure Washing - Industrial grade high-pressure cleaning equipment is used to blast the area.

Sydney Metro High Pressure Cleaning Service is available for all type of areas including:

dotPool Areas

dotOutdoor Patios




dotPaved Areas



dotHouse Exteriors

dotBarbecue Areas

dotGraffiti Removal



Tips and advice?

Oil, grease,moss, dirt and graffiti stains are not easily removed without the use of professional cleaning solutions. All our cleaning solutions are industrial biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions which are 100% child and pet safe. If a major oil spill occurs or moss removal is required we recommend the use of a professional cleaning service.

If simple cleaning techniques do not achieve the results you desire then professional High Pressure cleaning equipment and products will need to be used.


Sydney Metro High Pressure Tile Cleaning Service


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