Sydney Metro specialist provider of Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning and sealing services for Ceramics, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Quarry, Slate and Travertine tiles.


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Adding Value to your Investment!

Your investment is important to you, that's why at Sydney Metro Tile Cleaning we deliver a service which aims to add value to your investment. Our business is tile cleaning, so just like you - we invest in state-of-the-art technology to bring out the best possible shine from your tiles. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents to ensure that no dangerous residue finds it's way back into the environment.  


Our Tile Cleaning Services will fulfill whatever requirement your floors need. No matter what floor type our service will bring out results you can see and be proud of all Floor Types:



dot Limestone





dotTravertine Stone


dotPolished Timber Floor


dot Vinyl


Tile Sealing

Stains and spills can cause damage to your tiles and grout. By sealing your tile grout it creates a lasting barrier which helps to prevent liquids from penetrating the tile grout surface. Our Grout Sealing offers protection by creating such a surface and maximising protection against spills and stains.



Tile Grout Cleaning and Regrouting

An inexpensive way to get your tiles looking like a million bucks again is tile grout cleaning. Even after a short period of laying new tiles, heavy traffic areas can have an impact on the tile grout where the grout collects dirt and begins to crumble - resulting in dirty grout patches which can look dull and unappealing. Tile and Grout areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchen splash-backs including hallways are a few areas where this is most common. Tile Grout Cleaning is an inexpensive way to get your tiles and grout looking new again without the costly need of replacing tiles. Brilliant Tile Grout Cleaners will get your tile grout looking like new again



Sydney Metro  Grout and SealersGrout Colouring

Tile Grout Sealing and Colouring involves the application of an epoxy-based colourant that seals the grout surface and prevents chipping, cracking, peeling and fading. The results is a protective coating that keeps your tile grout looking new long after it has been applied - all backed by a five year warranty.



External Tiles & High Pressure Cleaning

Just like interiors - external areas such as pathways, driveways and pavements can show signs of build-up caused by traffic and dirt. Our high pressure cleaners remove the toughest of stains such as oil, moss and algae which result in slippery and dangerous areas.

 Sydney Metro Tile Cleaning and Grout Sealers are available for all types of Residential and Commercial work:

Bathrooms - Spas - Showers - Kitchens - Outdoor Areas - Pools - Verandas - Bars -Cafes -Restaurants Hospitals - Schools - Clinics - Retail - Office and Commercial


Products and Equipment

Tile Cleaners Sydney


Our state-of-the-art technology and cleaning products ensure that only the best equipment comes into contact with your tiles. Our highly trained and professional cleaners apply expert techniques to ensure efficient work and amazing results.






100% Environmentally Friendly

All our cleaning agents are 100% Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Children and Pets.

Our aim is to fix your tile problems without creating a new problem for the environment.


Discover why so many Sydney Residential and Commercial Customers are turning to Sydney Metro Tile Cleaning for their Tile Cleaning needs.


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