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Sydney Metro Slate Tile CleaningWhat is Slate?

Slate is a foliated metamorphic rock consisting of quartz and muscovite to name a few. Slate is commonly used in roofing due to is low water absorption qualities offering higher resistance to cracking as a result of freezing or snow. Slate comes in a variety of colours including gray, blue, green and red.





How are Slate Tiles made?

Slate tiles are pre-cut from large slabs to prevent flaking or cracking and then cured with a water-proof wax application. Slate tile offers and excellent slip resistant surface due to its rough appearance and feel.



Are Slate Tiles easy to clean?

Slate tiles require periodic stripping and sealing especially in high traffic areas. When Slate is used in roofing the Slate tiles should be inspected to check for cracked or loose tiles.



Tips and advice on how to clean Slate Tiles?

Cleaning Slate tiles can take more than just a mop and bucket. Results will usually depend on the condition and age of the Slate tiles. If your Slate tiles are relatively new then a few simple cleaning techniques can restore the condition of your Slate tiles.

Sweep tiles daily

This will prevent dirt and mud to build up between the grout.



Keep area well ventilated to prevent mildew from forming on the Slate tile and grout surface.



Slate Tiles generally require mopping with plain warm water only. A small amount of soap can be used when removing stains.


A small amount of vinegar in warm water can also be used to clean Slate tiles when trying to remove stains.


If the above tips don't achieve the results you desire then professional Slate tile cleaning equipment and products will need to be used.


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