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Polished Timber floors offer an attractive and relatively easy cleaning surface. Unlike tiles which can contain porous surfaces - polished timber floors when professionally sealed are resistant to moisture absorption and stains. Timber is a soft surface so care should be taken when moving furniture and chairs to vacuum or mop floors.





Our professional Polished Timber floor cleaning service aims to bring out the best from your Timber Floors.


Tips and advice on how to clean Polished Timber Floors?

Cleaning Polished Timber floors generally requires a simple use of a good mop and bucket. Vacuuming or sweeping the floor is best done before mopping to remove dirt and dust from the floor surface.


This remove dust and dirt which can scratch the surface.



Mop Timber Floors regularly with a damp mop.



Keep areas well ventilated to help dry after mopping.


This requires a buffing machine and a wax paste to bring out the shine from timber floors.



If the above tips don't achieve the results you desire then professional Polished Timber cleaning equipment and products will need to be used.


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