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Sydney Metro Vinyl CleaningWhat is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl or (Linoleum "Lino" as it is sometimes referred to) is an inexpensive plastic type floor covering. Vinyl offers excellent resistance to moisture and is one of the reasons for it's popular use in laundries, kitchens and hospital floors



How is Vinyl or Linoleum made?

Vinyl / Lino is manufactured by combining cork powder, wood dust, pigments and a binding agent. Vinyl can be manufactured in a variety of different colours and pattens which can emulate all floor types including marble and granite.


Are Vinyl or Linoleum floors easy to clean?

For simple spills such as water or wine a quick clean and soaking of the floor should remove traces of any stains. Stains which may affect the Vinyl sealing will require professional cleaning and vinyl re-sealing to restore appearance.


Tips and advice on how to clean Vinyl Floors?

Cleaning Vinyl floors can take more than just a mop and bucket. Results will usually depend on the condition and age of the Vinyl floor. If Vinyl floors are relatively new then a few simple cleaning techniques can restore the condition of Vinyl.


Sweep Vinyl daily

This will prevent dirt and mud to scratch the surface.



Keep bathrooms and kitchens well ventilated to prevent mildew from forming on the Vinyl surface.



Mop Vinyl floors regularly with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and clean water. Avoid use strong cleaning agents or abrasive powder to clean or remove stains from vinyl.



If the above tips don't achieve the results you desire then professional Vinyl Cleaning and Sealing equipment and products will need to be used.


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